Modifications - Reno Guidelines/Forms

Here you will find the proper forms and procedures for any renovation or modification work. All forms must be submitted to the office for approval and/or unit records.   
When filling out the request form be specific with materials and scope of work. Diagrams, pictures and copies of the item’s specifications may also be attached. Submit the completed request form, along with any other supportive documentation to the Office for approval. Most requests can quickly be approved by the Community Manager if all key information is included. Contractor Guidelines must also accompany many of the forms involving renovation or installation of items, even if completing the work yourself. Work and installation may commence once approved. Upon the sale of a condo, these forms stay in the unit’s file, so future owners have knowledge of previous work completed.
Copies are also available at the Kihei Villages Office.  Feel free to contact the Office with any specific questions.  Phone: 808-874-5454, email:
Kihei Villages AOAO

(House Rules Page 10)
No structural changes to the original design shall be permitted either within or outside any condominium except in accordance with the Declarations and Bylaws of Kihei Villages.  Refer to Bylaws (5.04 a)
Certain modifications and alterations must be presented in writing to the community manager in advance for approval. See below for links to these documents or visit the office for a printed version of the required guidelines and forms.
General Form required with Contractor form
Both forms can be filled in on computer, then save file and email as an attachment to or fill it out, print it and take to office.

2nd floor flooring replacement (MUST follow guidelines for sound transmission reduction. All materials require visible inspection by Community Manager before installation can begin)
Air conditioners   (Splitter systems may also be installed)
*Concrete Slabs (Must be minimum 1' (1 foot) away from fencing) include layout drawing
*Pergolas (Guidelines to be written)
*Shade Sails (Shall not be attached to building, guidelines to be written)
*Outdoor Showers (Guidelines to be written)
*Wood Decks (Guidelines to be written)
*Make sure to verify with the office to see if there are any water mains running through your yard before you begin any digging or construction. This should also be done prior to any major landscaping that would require deep digging.
Failure to obtain prior approval for any of the above may result in its removal at the owner's expense.
Items that do not need approval but have specific guidelines and do require form submittal for Unit Owner file:
Interior Construction/Renovations (provide written scope with both forms)
TOUCH UP PAINT: If you need some paint for touch ups on your building or fences, bring an empty container with a secure lid to the office. Mark the container with your name, unit number and contact info. and allow staff up to 24 hours to fill it for you. You will be contacted when it's ready for pick up.

If you wish to purchase additional paint at your own expense, these are the Sherwin Williams paint specification for the property:

        Exterior. Super paint. Gloss. Latex. Architectural   
        KM-2312 Trim White & Fence
        KM-2310 Gray Building
        KM-2311 Brown Building

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