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Kihei Villages AOAO 
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, Closed weekends and Holidays. Grounds Property Watch available on weeknights, 4pm to 8am and 24 hours on weekends and Holidays. 808-874-5454


Q2 2022 Update:
1.      Domestic Water Supply repairs: Major water Repairs at the following Buildings: 3, 17, 18, 19 (2), and 52 during the second quarter of this year. Preparation work by in-house maintenance crews and supply line hookup by licensed vendor plumber.
2.      Staircases, Decking and concrete stairs:  Staircases completely replaced 37-201, 41-203 and 49-203 at a vendor cost of over $10,000 each. Staircases with tread replacements. Buildings 14-202, 16-203, 22-201, 23-203, 24-201, 37-203, 37-204, 38-201, 41-203, 42-201, 42-204, 43-201, 43-203, 44-204, 45-201, 48-204, 49-201, 50-202, 60-204, and 61-202.
                                                                  That’s 17 different buildings one or more steps have been replaced. Kihei Villages maintenance crews did all these repairs.
Top of stairway decking to begin repairs starting in August 2022. Kihei Maintenance crews will be making these repairs.
Concrete step repairs to begin in the month of September 2022. Kihei Maintenance crews will be making these repairs.
3.      Wastewater repairs:  The repair of wastewater components inside the owner’s unit. There were three repairs completed in the second quarter. Those repairs were in buildings 3 (outside the unit), 18-102 and 29-102/202 both inside the units. These repairs were completed with vendors as insurance funds were used for part of these repairs.
4.      Handrails:  We received vendor quotes for the replacement, repair or newly installed pipe handrails. These are 2, 3, and 4 concrete step handrails. This will involve welding and bending of the pipes. Estimates came in a over $1000 per rail. We realized we could do these repairs using wood railings at a cost of $127 for materials and our crew doing the install. Not only cost savings, but more cohesive look to the building designs.
5.      Night lights:  Valley Isle Electric repaired entrance streetlight. They also replaced the sensor to buildings 4, 39, 49 and 51.
6.      Perimeter Fences:  Building 11-102 exterior fence collapsed into the Gulch. It consisted of three sections. Kihei Village maintenance crews installed a new fence.
7.      Landscaping:  The water time per cycle was set for 6 minutes and the grass began showing signs of turning brown. The water timing per cycle was changed to 12 minutes. This has helped improve the health of the grass. We are beginning to see the results.
The lawn mower blades have been raised one inch. The grass cutting has been changed from every two weeks to every three weeks.
We are reseeding the bare spots with new grass seed covered with Dirt and compost mix. We are adjusting the sprinkler heads to make sure these areas are being water. Noticeable areas of grass seeding are: Mailbox areas #2 and #3; island in front of building #10; around building #13;
In front of building #36 and in front of building #42.
8.      Irrigation:  The maintenance employees replaced 8 zone valves. He-Man irrigation specialist charges $85.00 per hour when doing work for Kihei Villages. We saved thousands of dollars in man hours cost having Kihei Villages Maintenance crew doing the work in-house.
9.      Tree Trimming:  The board eliminated He-Man from trimming the trees in the fall of 2021. In 2022, the board contracted Maui Arbor Scapes to be the tree Trimming contractor. Maui Arbor Scapes have serviced all trees from the entrance of Kenolio road to the clubhouse including the backyard of the clubhouse and the removal of two major trees. They also removed three other trees that were dead and causing a liability to vehicles and members of the association.
10.  Priorities:
1.      Water leaks—Pipes supplying water to a building; Pipes suppling water for irrigation;
2.      Staircases--Steps needing repair; (17 buildings already have steps replaced by in-house maintenance employees) Staircases needing complete replacement; (vendors have already completed three) Landings between owners on second floor;
3.      Handrails--Instead of using a contract for pipe rails; build wood rails with in-house maintenance employees.


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New owner? New tenant? New car? Renting a parking stall? Adopted a pet? Whether you just moved in or have lived here for years, everyone needs to have up to date registration forms filed with the office. These forms are available clicking on the links above for download or of this website under FAQ section. Or if you prefer, we can print them at the office for you.

Community Contribution

By volunteering to join a committee, you become an invaluable resource for the community. Committee involvement assists the volunteer Board of Director in their efforts to make informed decisions on behalf of the Association.
Each committee will have a limited number of participants. Stop by the office to sign up or go to the "contact us" section to send an email - specify which committee you would like to join:
1. Reserves Evaluation. Help us plan out the next 5 years of repair projects. View the Reserve Study in the Members Area under the tab Budget...
2. Landscaping. Join the already enthusiastic team: Donovan, Arine, Frank and Jim. Plant and beautify our property.
3. Clubhouse/Tot lot upgrades. Improved play area design, interior upgrades (blinds, etc.), should we have solar at the clubhouse?
4. Communications. Website and Newsletter input and ideas.
5. Variance & Resolutions review. Want to do something outside the declarations, by-laws or rules? Variance committee reviews and determines if that could be allowed. Also, past resolutions need review for current validity.

Community Calendar

23 - 32 Pest Control
Wednesday, October 5, 2022
33 - 42 Pest Control
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
43 - 52 Pest Control
Wednesday, November 2, 2022
53 - 60 & 1 and 2 Pest Control
Wednesday, November 16, 2022
3 - 12 Pest Control
Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Landscaping Zone Map

Each month, certain parking lot areas will be notified the prior week of when to move their vehicles for hedge trimming. You can verify the schedule and parking stalls here. A master list of stall numbers by zone is also included in this file.
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The product used on our grounds is Hawaii EPA approved CHEETAH PRO. Here are the links to the MSDS and State approval:



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