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Kihei Villages AOAO 
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, Closed weekends and Holidays. Grounds Property Watch available on weeknights, 4pm to 8am and 24 hours on weekends and Holidays. 808-874-5454


IF YOU DON'T WANT HARD LINE CABLE PAST JANUARY 31 (Per Spectrum residential rep): 
"If you have already called Spectrum and arranged for cable TV service after January 31st, you do not need to return the box or do anything else. If you are not having cable TV service from Spectrum after January 31st, you do need to return box or you will be charged."
Info from the Spectrum store in Kahului.  Looks like there are several options to return the boxes:
(1) Cable boxes can be returned in the stores. However, customer must wait to sign a receipt.
(2) UPS is at Maui Mall and there also is one in Kihei and Lahaina. It is probably the most convenient and fastest option.
(3) If customer wants to mail in their equipment, they can mail to 58 Ho’okele Street Suite 530 Kahului HI 96732 and equipment will be removed from customer’s account.
(4) If customer calls into Customer Service 1-855-326-5115, a return label will be emailed to the customer and they can mail at their convenience as well.
Suggestion: if you are mailing your box back, take a picture of the serial number of the box and include your contact information taped to the box.
INTERNET vs. CABLE (copy of letter)

As a board, we have a fiduciary duty to the association to control costs where possible.
With that being said, Kihei Villages will not be moving forward with a cable TV package, due to the unknown, exorbitant broadcast fees that we cannot budget for and have no control over.

If we were to extend our cable tv contract with Spectrum, it will automatically come with additional broadcast surcharge fees in excess of $2700 per month. That is over and above our contracted rate of $30 per month plus of all the additional regular taxes and fees. Putting us currently at $45 per month per homeowner.

In 2019 we were hit with Broadcast surcharge fees in the range of $2000 per month which put us $24,000 over budget. In 2020 that fee went up from $2000 to $2206, then a couple of months later $2279 and then jumped to $2770 within 6 months...these are costs that are uncontrollable and unacceptable and put us way over budget each and every year.

Our property will be switching over to internet only based on a fiduciary responsibility and cost control of $32 per unit with no taxes and fees, and a signing bonus of $50 per door ($26,600). This is something we can budget for during the course of the contracted years.

The cable contract will end and the internet contract will begin January 1, 2022.
The board is unable to provide information on Cable TV or streaming costs. This is something that each individual household will have to make contact with Spectrum for them to communicate what they have to offer. There are several packages that range from little to no cost with streaming or paying to have hard line cable which would require the extra boxes if you want cable in each additional room. Streaming services are abundant and costs vary. (Spectrum TV App, ROKU, Fubo, Amazon Firestick, etc.) It’s all a matter of personal preference and budget. 85% of the community is already paying out of pocket for Spectrum internet.

Our Spectrum Internet service contract will provide a Modem and a WiFi router included in our package. ALL of Kihei Villages was updated to internet ready back in 2017. It is now a matter of them flipping a switch to all units. We will provide details on the equipment distribution very soon.

We are looking to the future for our community as cable and network television is rapidly being replaced by streaming services.
(808) 643-2022

Community Calendar

33 - 42 Pest Control (additional day added)
Monday, January 24, 2022
43 - 52 Pest Control
Wednesday, February 2, 2022
53 - 60 & 1 and 2 Pest Control
Wednesday, February 16, 2022
3 - 12 Pest Control
Wednesday, March 2, 2022
13 - 22 Pest Control
Wednesday, March 16, 2022


October Update:
  • Call averages down from last month. As we make sure to do our best to return calls and emails ASAP. Work orders are in process where necessary.
  • Continue to address water leaks around the grounds. If you see a leak, call the office immediately so it can be addressed. This will help us to control the added costs of wasted water. 
  • Lanai post repairs are being done on several buildings along with stair inspections, repair or replacement as needed. We are prioritizing based on safety concerns.
  • Interior landscaping issues are being addressed with individual homeowners so fence repairs can be done properly. Everyone has been very cooperative as the goal is the same for all. The safety and aesthetics of the property.
  • Compliance inspections are being done and notices have been given where necessary. This is an ongoing process. Please reference the rules booklets to remain in compliance.

    Mahalo - JB

Mailbox Install Recap

Landscaping Zone Map

Each month, you’ll need to consult this map and make note of the date YOUR PARKING LOT ZONE is scheduled. A master list of stall numbers by zone is also included in this file so you can verify your parking stall zone. 
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The product used on our grounds is Hawaii EPA approved CHEETAH PRO. Here are the links to the MSDS and State approval:



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