May 1, 2024
AOAO Insurance Costs Update
As most of you may be aware, there was a significant rate increase on our master insurance policy which became effective on 4/10/24.  Due to a number of different reasons, only one of those being the Lahaina fire, one of the major AOAO insurance carriers, Dong Bu, decided to non-renew dozens of association master insurance policies in Hawaii, including Kihei Villages.  The few remaining admitted carriers in Hawaii that write this type of insurance are not taking on new business.  Despite this difficult market, we are still obligated by law to insure the complex to its full replacement value, approximately $120,000,000.00 (Million) dollars.  With standard markets unavailable, this only leaves excess/surplus lines options available.  Unfortunately, these options are significantly more expensive, approximately 7x more expensive.
Because Hawaii state law requires us to maintain insurance on the complex, we were obligated to accept this offer.  Also in line with Hawaii state condo law, we were able to borrow this money from our reserves to pay for the insurance premium, preventing us from having to pursue expensive outside financing to pay for these increased insurance costs. Again in line with Hawaii state law, we are required to pay back these borrowed funds into the reserves within 1 year. This is the sole cause of the recently announced monthly due increase going into effect on June 1st.  We all know and understand this is a burden.  The board and management have done everything in our power to mitigate these costs increases and we will continue to do so.  Anyone with questions or needing further clarification is always welcome to reach out through this Kihei Villages website and email the board and/or management will respond accordingly.
The mid year budget increase packet can be found under the MEMBER tab above; Budget Analysis & Reserves.
Kihei Villages  
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. We will continue to add to this list as questions are asked and  addressed:
• Is it legal to increase an insurance premium by over 600%?
Yes, our past carrier dropped us, they did not increase the rate. We were forced to find new carriers, and they are legally allowed to charge these rates.

• Am I to understand that you had less than a month’s notice of the increase?
Yes, the non-renewal from our past carrier was sent to us 45 days in advance of the renewal as is required by Hawaii law. We then had 45 days to find new carriers which was incredibly difficult as NO standard/admitted carriers are taking on new AOAO clients in Hawaii.  Our insurance agents (Atlas Insurance) approached every insurance carrier doing business in Hawaii.

• When will the reserve be replenished? 
Within one year as is required by Hawaii condo law.

• Will the maintenance fees be reduced once the reserve is replenished?
That will depend on the cost of insurance going forward.  If more carriers enter the market and offer better rates, then potentially these could be lowered.  The same would be true if existing markets start to take on new business again. Unfortunately, this is not something we can know in advance.

Aloha and Welcome to Kihei Villages:
Most everything you need to know or learn about Kihei Villages is available on our website. However, if you can't find what you're looking for here, please give us a call @ (808) 874-5454.
Office 8 am to 5 pm (808) 874-5454 & After hours ~ Property Watch: (808)-250-9388



Effective February 1, 2023 Kihei Villages changed managing agents to:
115 E. Lipoa St. Suite 100
Kihei, HI 96753
Andrea Clur (808) 891-0053
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Aloha Homeowners
If you get a letter from your mortgage company requiring a copy of our current property insurance policy, please go to MEMBERS TAB then CONTRACTS & INSURANCE
You will find the procedure there to obtain that information.



New owner? New tenant? New car? Renting a parking stall? Adopted a pet? Whether you just moved in or have lived here for years, everyone needs to have up to date registration forms filed with the office. These forms are available clicking on the links above for download or of this website under FAQ section. Or if you prefer, we can print them at the office for you.


We are now issuing the $250 fines for NON REGISTERED VEHICLES in tenant stalls. If you have not registered your vehicle in the office after May 31, 2023 you must come in and register as soon as possible.  PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL YOUR VISITORS ARE PARKING IN VISITOR PARKING SPACES NOT IN OTHER UNIT PARKING SPACES

Community Contribution

By volunteering to join a committee, you become an invaluable resource for the community. Committee involvement assists the volunteer Board of Director in their efforts to make informed decisions on behalf of the Association.
Each committee will have a limited number of participants. Stop by the office to sign up or go to the "contact us" section to send an email - specify which committee you would like to join:
1. Landscaping. A newly formed committee was created at the January 25, 2024 Board meeting. Chairman is board member: Frank Siminski. Co Chair is homeowner: Bob Farrell. Members are, Arine, Linda and Jim. Contact the office for any additional information.
2. Communications. Website and Newsletter input and ideas.
3. Variance. Want to do something outside the declarations, by-laws or rules? Variance committee reviews and determines if that could be allowed.
4. Nominations. Seek out individuals who are community focused to be part of the leadership team at Kihei Villages. Encourage those who would contribute in a positive manner to run for the board. Gather resume's so the community has options.

Community Calendar

Clubhouse Booked-Private Event
Saturday, May 25, 2024
Quarterly Tree Trimming
Monday, June 17, 2024
9am to 4pm
Tree trimming this week. Notices will be provided to those who will need to move cars.
Quarterly Tree Trimming
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
9am to 4pm
Tree trimming this week. Notices will be provided to those who will need to move cars.
Quarterly Tree Trimming
Wednesday, June 19, 2024
9am to 4pm
Tree trimming this week. Notices will be provided to those who will need to move cars.
Quarterly Tree Trimming
Thursday, June 20, 2024
9am to 4pm
Tree trimming this week. Notices will be provided to those who will need to move cars.

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Director (Kevin K.) shared this great tip on how to tell if your toliet is leaking:
Performing a dye test is an easy way to know whether your toilet is leaking. Sometimes a leak makes a hissing sounds, but not always.
Without performing a dye test, it can be easy to overlook a leak. All you need for the test is food coloring.
Performing the test:
1. Remove tank cover.
2. Add  a few drops of food coloring into tank.
3. Wait 15 minutes (do not flush the toilet).
4. If color appears in the toilet bowl, a leak is present and repairs must be made.
If color appeared in the toilet bowl, there are a couple of possible reasons why:

Overflow Tube: If the water level in the tank is too high, the overflow tube drains the overflow into the toilet bowl. Water level should be adjusted to 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube.

Flapper: Over time, the flapper will deteriorate and lose its seal, this part is an easy fix and can be purchased at the hardware store for $10-$15.

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