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Aloha and Welcome to the Kihei Villages Community
Here you will find the answers to common questions regarding House Rules and policies, have the ability to view procedures and print required forms. Plan for upcoming events, maintenance and meetings through the community calendar and so much more. Just click on the area you choose to view. 
Many areas do not require a log-in. For example, the Request Forms and House Rules sections are open to owners and tenants alike.  Other areas are exclusive to owners and you will be prompted to register as an owner for access.
Kihei Villages AOAO 
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, Closed weekends and Holidays. Grounds Property Watch available on weeknights, 4pm to 8am and 24 hours on weekends and Holidays. 808-874-5454
~ Mailbox Updates ~
(click on the map if you'd like to download a copy)

Monday, November 29: Notices go out for key distribution for Pavilions #1 & #2.
Saturday, December 4, 10 am to 2 pm.

Friday, November 26: Master locks installed at Pavilion #1, #2 will be done next week.

Wednesday, November 24: Paint striping done for the dedicated parking stall for the postal service vehicle for both Pavilions #1 & #2.

Tuesday, November 23: Adjustment made to mailbox for 2nd inspection.

Monday, November 22: Inspections were done on Pavilions #1 & #2. We were informed that #1 did not pass inspection as a CBU did not close properly. Installer has been notified to come back to make the necessary adjustments.

Saturday, November 20: Installation of Pavilion #2. Parking stalls were to have been paint striped but the crew didn't get the memo! That will be done Wednesday.
Hand rail install at Pavilion #3.

Thursday, November 18: LAST BATCH of mailboxes moved from Clubhouse to final location Pavilion #2. Staged and ready for installation on Saturday! Mahalo Lucky, Brandon and Jeremiah...Much appreciation for you help!

Wednesday, November 17: Last two bags of parcel locker keys (Pavilion #1 and #2) dropped off at Post Office.

Thursday, November11: Pavilion #1 Mailboxes installed. Post Office notified so they can schedule inspection.

Tuesday, November 9: IT'S OFFICIAL! Our first mail delivery at pavilion #3!!!

Monday, November 8: The final drops on final pour of the last slab (Pavilion #2)

Saturday, November 6: KEY DISTRIBUTION DAY for Pavilion #3. A BIG MAHALO to our homeowner volunteers and board members who helped out (Leon, Barbara and Cheryl)!!! Mail delivery at Pavilion #3 begins on Tuesday, November 9.

Friday, November 5: Retaining wall is poured for pavilion #2. Slab pour Monday.

Saturday, November 6: Framing for rear stairs and pads formed.

Wednesday, November 3: A welcome Surprise!! Donny with the post office was here installing the master locks at pavilion #3. Which means we are now READY TO GO. Notices have gone out for key distribution this Saturday, November 6 - from 10 am to 2 pm at pavilion #3. There will also be a blessing of the pavilion at 10 am. Mail service will begin at this location on Tuesday, November 9!

Tuesday, November 2, Forms removed at Pavilion #1 and Pavilion #2 demolition begins:
Off to #2....

Monday, November 1, Concrete Poured. Needs a minimum of one week to cure then mailboxes and railings can be installed:

Thursday, October 28: Demolition begins at Pavilion #1

Pavilion #3 - began construction Thursday, October 7, 2021.

Saturday, October 9: The slab has been poured on and will need to cure for several days before the mailboxes can be installed.
Thursday, October 14: The ADA ramp in now complete and will also need to cure before the hand rails can be installed. 
Saturday, October 16: The mailboxes have been installed and ready for inspection. Email to Postmaster to advise.
Sunday, October 17: Postmaster acknowledged email and advised inspector will be there this week. Once approved, office will advise a date for Post Office master Arrow Locks. We can then set a date for key distribution.
Thursday, October 21: Asphalt has been replaced. According to the contractor the color should blend with the balance of the parking lot in about 3 - 4 weeks.

Post office has made their inspection and will advise next steps asap.
Saturday, October 23: Parking stall lines and curb have be painted white for USPS vehicle parking stall. Grass area around perimeter of slab has been graded down all holes filled in.

Post office has been advised that the parking has been finished. We are now awaiting the next steps so we can schedule key distribution. 
We will also be scheduling a blessing for Pavilion #3 on key distribution day. Details to follow as we nail them down.
Pavilion #'s 1 & 2 will start demolition and construction on October 25.
Monday, October 25: Due to contractor delay, 1 & 2 will begin on Thursday, October 28.

October Update:
  • Call averages down from last month. As we make sure to do our best to return calls and emails ASAP. Work orders are in process where necessary.
  • Continue to address water leaks around the grounds. If you see a leak, call the office immediately so it can be addressed. This will help us to control the added costs of wasted water. 
  • Lanai post repairs are being done on several buildings along with stair inspections, repair or replacement as needed. We are prioritizing based on safety concerns.
  • Interior landscaping issues are being addressed with individual homeowners so fence repairs can be done properly. Everyone has been very cooperative as the goal is the same for all. The safety and aesthetics of the property.
  • Compliance inspections are being done and notices have been given where necessary. This is an ongoing process. Please reference the rules booklets to remain in compliance.

    Mahalo - JB

~ Community Calendar ~
3-12 Pest Control
Wednesday, December 8, 2021
13-22 Pest Control
Wednesday, December 22, 2021

~ Landscaping Zone Map ~
Each month, you’ll need to consult this map and make note of the date YOUR PARKING LOT ZONE is scheduled. A master list of stall numbers by zone is also included in this file so you can verify your parking stall zone. 
click underlined texted to view:

The product used on our grounds is Hawaii EPA approved CHEETAH PRO. Here are the links to the MSDS and State approval:


~ What's New ~
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