Message from the Board
May 22, 2022
One of the most important duties of the Board of Directors is to maintain and improve the common elements of the property.

Here is where we stand on budget to date and some of the improvements made in this past year.
o   Budget and finances under control, reserves in good shape and several projects completed.
     The total assets for 2020 was $2,456,706.68
     The total assets for 2021 was $2,468,504.53 Increase in assets of $11,797.85
     The total assets for 2022 as of end of April $2,682,947.07 Increase so far $214,442.54
     (The 2020 & 2021 have ending dates of Dec, 31 of each year)
Note: Budget analysis reports are available on the website each month. Homeowners must register on the website to access this MEMBERS area.
o   Fully executed mailbox installation before years end 2021 - avoiding mail service disruption. 
     §  Improvements in process to these 3 mailbox pavilion locations. 
     ·         Message center
     ·         In ground landscaping now that canopies are up
     ·         Solar motion sensor lighting
     ·         SOLD some excess: 1 mailbox CBU and 1 parcel locker in the amount of $3800 deposited in the Kihei Villages’ Operating account in January 2022.
o   Rental of 21-202
     §  After remaining unrented since December of 2018 and costing the community in monthly maintenance fees. This unit is no longer a loss of revenue, but now earning income. $2200 per month rent less the HOA fee of $475 = $1725 income monthly
o   Alleviated exorbitant additional fees of over $32,000 annually by Negotiation with Spectrum for internet only contract, and a receiving a $26,600.00 rebate.
o   Beginnings of Clubhouse update with new Kitchenette (see before and after below). Installation of the cabinets done by board members and staff, saving $5000 in installation costs.
     §  Estimate dated 12-18-21 for special order cabinets and appliances: $13990.40 Date of purchase 12-30-21, new sale in effect for counters reducing cost to $13440.72 Excess monies spent purchasing stock sink and faucet $582.67. Total of transaction on 12-30-21 $14023.32
         ·         Interior improvements in process
         ·         Exterior playground area to be updated with new equipment
o   New and improved updated website. The website had not been updated for 3 years.
     (Current information is uploaded as it becomes available)
     §  Members area access; budget analysis, minutes, governing documents, contracts, etc.
o   Replacement of "the wave" fence along Kenolio
     §  The Kenolio fence was long overdue for replacement as it posed a danger to foot traffic.
     §  Developed a maintenance manual for improved fence installation by staff
o   Full staircase replacements at bldg. 31 & 49 completed. Others are being prioritized for repairs.
     §  Developing a manual for full staircase installation by staff                                                   
o   Clubhouse entrance designed and planted by homeowner volunteers.
     §  Landscaping improvements by way of committee
Before:                                                                                                                 After:

Aloha and Welcome to the Kihei Villages Community
Within this website you will find the answers to common questions regarding House Rules and policies, have the ability to view procedures and print required forms. Plan for upcoming events, maintenance and meetings through the community calendar and so much more. Just click on the area you choose to view. 
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Kihei Villages AOAO 
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, Closed weekends and Holidays. Grounds Property Watch available on weeknights, 4pm to 8am and 24 hours on weekends and Holidays. 808-874-5454

Welcome to the Team!

Aloha to our new Maintenance Staff:
Jeremiah Johnson "JJ" (on left)
Maintenance Technician
Jeremiah has been here on Maui for 16 years. Originally from Santa Cruz, California.

Enjoys spear fishing and hiking in his spare time. Has been in the construction industry trade since age 18 and loves working with his hands crafting.
Morgan Simmons (on right) 
Landscape Irrigation Technician

Born and raised here in Wailuku Maui.
Enjoy's diving and lounging on the beach.
After getting out of the Marine Corps, moved back home to Maui and worked in the construction industry while pursuing a
Degree in Automotive technology.

Community Calendar

23 - 32 Pest Control
Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Town Hall
Saturday, July 16, 2022
9:30am to 11:30am
33 - 42 Pest Control
Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Board Meeting
Thursday, July 28, 2022
5:30pm to 6:30pm
43 - 52 Pest Control
Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Q1 2022 Update:
  • Water mains ongoing issue. Many Driscoll pipes failing. With the assistance of the board, we are creating a protocol to address current situations and nip in the bud for future issues. New hires have plumbing backgrounds and can help save costs where some of the time consuming work can be done in house. Contractors are still required in some instances,  but overall, we are able to save the association money with several in house repairs.
  • Staircases and landings are being inspected and prioritized for repairs. New hires have carpentry skills and can repair some of these issues in house, while some more major issues will require contracted professionals.
  • Irrigation systems are ongoing to repair, as one is fixed another breaks. This is common for a property of our size. Our new maintenance staff member Morgan has already replaced several in house, providing cost savings to the association.
  • Buildings siding repairs. Current siding is no longer available, we are doing research to find the best match to remain in compliance with building appearance.
  • Tree trimming for 2022 has begun. Trees will be trimmed in phases throughout the course of the year. Trees that pose a danger or hitting buildings are being prioritized for trimming back or total removal if necessary.
  • Waste bin enclosure near mailbox pavilion 2 shall be complete by end of April.
  • Mailbox canopies have been erected, however, the vendor installed with four posts, when 6 were in the original plan and paid for. The additional parts are being produced and will be expedited and installed Thursday, April 21 if all goes as planned. We will be adding new glass box message center for each location and replace the property map at pavilion #1 near office.
  • New, larger and more ledge able, visitor parking signs will be installed in the next couple of weeks.

Mailbox Install Recap

Landscaping Zone Map

Each month, you’ll need to consult this map and make note of the date YOUR PARKING LOT ZONE is scheduled. A master list of stall numbers by zone is also included in this file so you can verify your parking stall zone. 
click underlined texted to view:

The product used on our grounds is Hawaii EPA approved CHEETAH PRO. Here are the links to the MSDS and State approval:



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