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Aloha and Welcome to the Kihei Villages Community website.
Here you will find the answers to common questions, House Rules, have the ability to view and print common forms and requests, see upcoming events or meetings, post a classified ad and so much more.  Just click on the area you choose to view. 
Many areas do not require a log-in.  For example, the General Office and Request Forms and House Rules sections are open to owners and tenants alike.  Other areas are exclusive to owners and you will be prompted to register as an owner for access.
Mahalo Kihei Villages AOAO 
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, Closed weekends and Holidays. Security available on weeknights, 4pm to 8am and 24 hours on weekends and Holidays. 808-874-5454
~ News ~
'KV Neighbors' Group to be Organized
Posted on Oct 4th, 2018
The 'KV Neighbors' Group is seeking volunteers that are willing to help neighbors in need.  A community group like this can make KV an even better place to live.  We would like to start by helping elderly or injured neighbors in need of assistance to clean up their yards and/or help with landscaping.  We already know of some in need, so let's get to helping!  If you are interested in being a part of this group, please call or text Nicole Burns at 808-793-7636.
Spectrum Cable
Posted on Aug 6th, 2018
As of July 31st, a cable box is needed to receive a TV signal.  Please call Spectrum at 808-643-2337 to order your box.  Since basic cable is included with the Association dues, the first box is complimentary.  You will still be asked to set up an account so Spectrum can track if a box was issued.  If a second box is needed for another room,  renting one is also available through Spectrum.

~ Notes from the Community Manager ~

The New Year 2019

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebration!  We all have a lot to be thankful for coming into the year 2019.  Let’s all take time to get to know your neighbors in the community during the coming year.  As we all work together to make our community a better place, take time to talk to your neighbors and get to know them.  As we put a foot forward in trying to create a positive atmosphere, it becomes contagious and spreads throughout the community.  Let’s help each other out, being thankful for one another.


“All will concede that in order to have good neighbors, we must also be good neighbors. That applies in every field of human endeavor.”

Harry S. Truman



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