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Aloha and Welcome to the Kihei Villages Community website.
Here you will find the answers to common questions regarding the House Rules, have the ability to view and print common forms and requests, see upcoming events or meetings, post a classified ad, and so much more.
Just click on the area you choose to view. If you wish to request a classified ad, go to the classified area and click on the submit an advertisment.To contact the association, please use the Contact us page to do so.
Many areas do not require a log-in, for instance the forms and  House Rules sections is open to owners and tenants alike. For other areas such as Owner Documents you will be prompted to register as an owner for access.
Mahalo Kihei Villages AOAO 
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, Closed weekends and Holidays. Security available on weeknights, 4pm to 8am and 24 hours on weekends and Holidays. 808-874-5454
~ News ~
Posted on Oct 2nd, 2017
Please note that as of 10/2/17 the new email address for the Kihei Villages Management Office is  The new website address for this site is  All other information remains the same.  
Posted on Jul 7th, 2017
Revised plan for cable installation.
The following is the list of buildings that will have new cable installed first:
Rewire old cable:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 15, 16, 21, 22, 24, 50, 51, 54, 55, 56, 59 & 60.
Retrofit cable:  6, 9, 11 - 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 25-49, 52, 53, 57 & 58.
Notices will be put on buildings approximately 48 hours in advance.  Please follow the instructions on the notice.  Any questions, please contact the Management Office.
Parking Stall Maintenance
Posted on Jul 6th, 2017
Owners and occupants are responsible for the cleanliness of their designated parking stalls, including the removal of any grease build up.  Your attention to this is appreciated.
For excessive oil buildup, please click on the link listed here for instructions.  
Posted on Jun 22nd, 2017
There are lots of renovations to units being done on property.  If any owner is considering work to be done to their unit or patio, please contact the office to make sure all the proper paperwork is filled out.  All of the work needs to be approved, before anything can be started.  

~ Notes from the Community Manager ~
In-House Security Staff- As of Friday August 4, 2017, Delta Security will no longer be providing security services to the Kihei Villages property. Our own security staff completed their training this week and will be on duty beginning Friday at 4pm. Please welcome Ron, the security manager, Luna, Cole and Albert. I am confident having our own staff and with their increased visibility on property, will reduce some of the questionable activities caused by non residents from other areas.
Power Washing of Buildings- July 25  through August 28, 2017
I wanted to address a few concerns that have come up in regards to the power washing of the buildings. Thanks to all of you who have called and voiced their concerns. I hope the following information will answer some of those questions:
  • Since the buildings haven't been washed down in over 4 years, I wanted to get this project done this year to avoid any issues with our paint warranty through Sherwin Williams. I consulted with our sales rep and the owner of Maui Pressure washing. Due to time constraints and budget, it was decided to do a medium wash instead of a full blown pressure wash that may remove the dirt along with exterior paint. We have found that not all of the dirt buildup is coming off, even with a medium spray, some paint is still coming off. It will be a yearly event to maintain the warranty.
  • Please cover your AC units and cover your patio belongings so they do not get wet. Please remove all boards that may be hanging on the lower lanais. Some areas have been skipped because we found too many items were either not moved, covered or windows left open. There is no need to move items into your unit while this work is being done, just cover it up.
  • No entrance into the unit is required. All work is done from the outside.
If you have any other questions , please feel free to contact the office.
HURRICANE SEASON- June 01 through November 30, 2017
It is time to get your emergency kits in order and to review all of the Disaster Preparedness information on the Kihei Villages website. In early May, Hawaii's state climatologist predicted a potentially active storm season because of an unexpected El Nino year, caused by warming ocean water. Remember, you need to have supplies for yourself and other members of your family, including pets, to last up to seven (7) days. Emergency Services may be too busy to respond to your needs.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office for additional information.
Safety & Security
At times there are going to be issues that require you to contact security for documentation of a complaint or incident that may be occurring in or around your building. If you feel that a crime is being or has been committed, please call MPD and get officers here and let them investigate. Calling the office three days later to report a crime that could have been dealt with at the time does not help anyone, especially if there is a victim involved.
You can help prevent the "crimes of opportunity" by locking your vehicles, lock your doors, and lock down your motorcycles and scooters. Be aware of the people around you and your surroundings. Be neighborly and build relationships with those living around you
Please remember to pick up your pet waste when walking your animals. All cats are considered to be inside animals and can not roam free per the House Rules. If the office receives complaints of "roaming cats", we will trap them and take them to the Humane Society.
If you find a dog running free on property, please call the humane society and have them pick it up. The office and security does not have any facilities to hold animals.
Other Information
  • IBNS has decided it will be easier for their staff to contact residents and collect copies of keys so the units can be rewired. The keys will be turned in at the office each night until the building/unit completion and IBNS will return the keys to the resident.
  • The association supplies basic cable to the unit (primary outlet). All upgrades from basic cable to additional outlets will be the responsibility of the owner. The owner will be responsible for making contact with IBNS for those additional upgrades.
  • Quiet Hours- 10 pm - 8 am. Noise disturbances between upstairs and downstairs neighbors will be actively enforced. Remember, you live in a community setting where there are people living all around you, so please be mindful of your neighbors.
  • Do not dump your trash bags on the ground in front of a full dumpster. Please walk it over to another dumpster nearby. If you have large items, it is your responsibility to remove them from property. If you have one item, contact the office and set up a time for you to take it up to the large Dumpster on Uwapo Road.
Just for Laughs
Q: What room in your house is a mummy afraid of?
A: The living room!



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